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Nature is the very element of our being. As its element are around us, the same way we are made with these element.Traveling on a journey spans for generations,what we have to share with you is fascinating adventure of exploring and applying the laws of nature.

Who we are

Today, Navyas stands tall with the collective wealth of practical wisdom and deep knowledge, some of it drawn from many different cultures and traditions, it is because of the vision of Sri Sardarmall Jain. A successfull businessman, he frequently travelled around the world, absorbing the sacred wisdom of different cultures and practicing it in his routine life.Without an academic qualification or training, he gently guided huge number of people about how to apply the teaching of the great spiritual masters as well as the laws of nature.

Today the distiled essence it shared with you, hoping to touch and holistically grow as many lives as we can.


SSNT's strong vision is where every individual is in a synchoronization with nature. Holistically growing and maintaining healthy relationship with every being.


We Care| Nature Cures | Holistic Living
To touch maximum lives by patient heating and educating in a natural,healthy and welcoming atmosphere.

Aims & objectives

We strive to communicate the unique advantages of nature cure and other complementary therapies to every being and make all efforts to promote them in the interest of the common man.


Supporting or vision of complete human growth,the
activites currently driven are:
  • Therapies and treatments in nature cure and yoga
  • Human & institutional development
  • Child Education
  • Holistic Living
  • Networking with other like minded organizations.
  • Animal welfare

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